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TWIN NET Information Systems Ltd. (abbreviated hereafter as TWIN NET ) protects the privacy of your data, which are processed in accordance with the provisions of EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2016/679 of April 27, 2016, which concerns the protection of the personal data of individuals and their unobstructed movement (at the request of the individual).

Below, we describe how TWIN NET processes your data on this site,, in order to make your browsing experience here safer and more efficient.

Who We Are

TWIΝ ΝΕΤ TWIΝ ΝΕΤ is responsible for processing your data for booking your room through the website. This is our contact information:

TWIN NET Information Systems Ltd.
452 Mesogion Ave.
Agia Paraskevi
153 42 Athens, Greece,
+302106090451, +302106857070
Fax: +302106857070

If you have any questions after reading this statement or simply want to contact us, please use the contact information above.

What information do we collect or use, and why?

All the information you enter into is confidential. It will never be sold to third parties, exchanged with third-party sources, or used for marketing purposes by third parties.

During the process of your reservation, you will always be asked to give your consent to the processing of your “ personal data” which we describe in detail below.

The personal data that will be requested for your reservation are as follows:

  1. The IP of your login , for both traceability and recognition of the geographic origin of your connection, in order to appropriately adjust the default language for your entry into our system (for access from Greece and Cyprus, the Greek language; from German-speaking countries, German; all others, English).
  2. Your type of access device --desktop, tablet, or smartphone--so we can adjust to your screen size for a better user experience.
  3. Your e-mail address , to communicate with you and inform you about your reservation and matters or notifications concerning it.
  4. Your mobile phone number , to communicate with you and inform you about your reservation and matters or notifications concerning it, as well as for sending you SMS messages related to your reservation (at no charge to you).
  5. Your name and surname , as well as those of your co-guests, necessary information from the accommodation to confirm your reservation.
  6. Data for special categories of visitors , such as age range (for children or infants).
  7. Data concerning your online payments (e.g. credit card number, security code, PayPal details, etc.) , are entered directly into the Payment Gateway of the banks with which eg-, and are not stored or processed by our system. The only information you will be asked for, if you pay by credit card, is the type of credit card you choose (eg VISA, MASTERCARD, AMEX, DINERS, etc.) in order to use the corresponding Payment Gateway with which we cooperate (Eurobank or Alpha Bank). We do not store or process any information of your credit card number or associated security passwords.

The above data is stored securely in the system database, in order to process it for your reservation and also to store it for reasons of both traceability and recording of the relevant detailed transactions as required by law (such as tax principles). p>

Use of Third Party Data: The data you enter on is only processed by and then sent via WEB Services to the systems of the BedsOnLine, Company, which has implemented the interface platform for accommodation reservations between Travel Agencies and Accommodations.

We do not receive or process your personal data from third parties.

EG-Booking Newsletter

If you declare that you want to receive our newsletters about, we will store your e-mail address. We create and save mailing lists and send our Newsletters using the widely known Mail Chimp, program, which also follows the GDPR guidelines. Using the e-mail address where you receive our newsletter, you can cancel your subscription (opt out) at any time.

Social Media

We use social media to communicate our news and offers. We respond to your comments there as well.


We use only two cookies, which we describe in detail below:

  • PHPSESSID: Saves the session of each user, with the data of the current reservation.
  • Cookieconsent_dismissed: Saves information about whether the user has accepted the cookie consent.

How we store your data securely

The website and application data are securely stored on the hosting provider (, which is GDPR compliant and follows all the instructions provided related to the safe storage of data. In addition, the site uses a powerful SSL certificate for more secure encryption of the information that is shared online between you and our site. However, no means of transferring information on the web can provide an absolute security guarantee.

What are your rights?

As a user you have a significant number of rights related to your personal data. If you wish to exercise these rights, the best way is to contact us by sending an e-mail to We will respond promptly, and always within 30 days of receipt of your email.

In summary, the following apply:

  1. The right to ask to see the data we have regarding you and to ask to have them updated if they are incorrect or have changed.
  2. The right to protest or complain if you believe that we have not processed your personal data in a lawful manner. In this case, you can file your complaint with the Privacy Commission (Data Protection Authority).
  3. The right to withdraw our right to process your data. In our case, you are asked to confirm your wishes for every new booking, so we will never process your information without your written consent. If this right is not respected, you can resort to an appeal.
  4. The possibility of temporarily suspending the processing of your personal data. This does not apply to the type of work our site does.
  5. The possibility of transferring your personal data. You can ask to have the data that concern you put in a structured digital file format to be transferred to a third system. The structure of the information and the type of file are decided and fixed by


TWIN NET will inform you of any changes to the Privacy Policy of

TWIN NET may occasionally update the privacy policy of this site. This may be due to new services, changes to existing ones, changes in legislation, or new functionalities.

You will be informed of such an update on the website and in the newsletters or social media we use. If required by law, your consent will be sought for any possible change in the way your data is processed or any new processing required.

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